S1E2: An antidote to solitude

Irene and Willie are sipping an espresso, airily sat at an outdoor table in the Fountain Square in Pantigliate. They are chatting about topics and facts of the week. It’s another saturday morning and they are sharing the need of waking quickly up, before heading to the community garden.

Delimited by an L-shaped residential building, and a flourished garden, in the Fountain Square there are two bars. The Cafezinho is the beating heart of this small community, everything happening in town has something to do with this crowded and noisy place. The Petit Café is on the other side of the Moon (sorry… the square) – the quiet side. Coffee, tea and chocolate are exquisitely here served with an innatural elegance. A great attention is dedicated to small details, colours are more tenuous, voices are just whispers, and it closes earlier each evening. Willie and Irene usually meet at the Petit Café for their morning coffee before the community garden.

“How the things are going in the garden?” Asks Irene “I have been away for a couple of weeks, you know… I have had so little time…”

Nothing special, Irene” is Willie’s answer “the volunteers go to the garden, and they work cheerful and happy, until they die for complete blood drainage by mosquito bites. To find alive volunteers at the end of the week is emerging as a problem.”

“Are you kidding me?”

“Don’t worry… a strong and resistent strain of volunteers has been now selectioned, they don’t feat mosquito bites…”

“Willie, I adore you, but you should learn to control your… sarchasm, or you’ll be likely to fail in some special moments like… your wedding day (although many steps have still to be done before such a day…). You will be required to give a clear and specific answer.”

“I’ll learn the answer in advance, to be sure to say the right one.”

“I just ask you to be quick… I want to celebrate your marriage, but in one year from now the elections will take place, and I won’t probably be counselor again…”

“I’ll do my best, my friend…”

“I am sure you’ll do. I have been knowing you for such a little time. When exactly have we met? Was it october or november? We were in a meeting in the mayor’s office, establishing the first steps to realize the community garden. Anyway, that’s been enough to perceive you as one of my closest friends. I don’t want to lose you. Do you remember what I said in that meeting?”

“Rosemary is always late?”

“Not that thing, the other one.”

“Can I grow tomatoes?”

“Shut up. I spoke about the reasons which took me to support the project of the community garden. Do you remember? I said I needed an antidote to my solitude.”

“Sure, I cited this in the interview with the local press, when we presented the project in the town hall.”

“I have been alone too many years, Willie. I am well connected to the local community in Pantigliate, I have more than a few good friends… but it doesn’t matter when your husband leaves you after fifteen years together… by misfortune I haven’t fallen in love any more after him. Just some entertaining flirts, not love. I can’t carry on this way, I need to lough, and to get drunk of anything, sun, rain, wine, friends, sex, walking, running, swimming, falling, flying… At the end, I need to tell to myself that I deserve all it.”





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