S1E4: To Pantigliate for Love – a Ballad

It might seem just a sign on the road to go to somewhere else. You’d be reaching Milan, leaving Milan, who cares about the rest? I’ve never read about you in the History, I’ve never seen you in my dreams. I’ve called you my Home as slowly and silently as any story begins. Ordinary existences at sunset and dawn, still have to be told in Pantigliate Town.

It was in Como at dusk on the lake, that he spotted the girl who’d make his dreams wake. She was handsome, she was pretty, he had never seen such a beauty in the city. Sean is the dweller of a fairy world, his thoughts go a bit deeper than the rest of the crowd. Sean said: “Molly, where will I find you when this night is over?” “In Pantigliate, I run a kiosk along the street by the corner…” With the only idea of following her, Sean packed all his smiles and moved there. At 50 Sean’s life was still full of youth and wonder, until Molly said: “My feelings are changed, I love you no longer.” Then he felt lonely as he had never thought, in that house with a garden he had hopefully bought. He cursed that day so foolish he had been, when for the sake of a woman all his life he had ruined. Sean, please, stand up! Don’t get so down! You’ll be our candidate to the elections in Pantigliate Town!

Irene, do you remember that night, when your smiles were so cheap and your eyes shone so bright? Do you remember those times, when you danced in the livings, Patty Smith and Bob Marley played your heart beating. That boy so shy, with such clean a face, said: ” May you come and listen to some new records at my place?”. You accepted because you were young, in an endless present, you domesticated your heart and your wedding was decent. The flats were too expensive in the vibrant Milan, but you soon needed a roof as your baby was to come. You settled in the suburbs in a brand new building, he stopped playing new records and your life got so boring. In the middle of your age, one Christmas Eve, he told: “I love a younger woman, I want to leave…”. Then your flat and your furniture became suddenly empty, he had taken your freshness, when you were still attractive and pretty. Somwhere you still keep that flourished dancing gown, you’ll have to wear again one day, in Pantigliate Town.

Willie as well, rented a house above the bakery and the bar, since he had enough of having sex in the car. He is brilliant and clever and his cooking renowned, and he is waiting for love, in Pantigliate Town.



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